About Us

Hi, I’m Mandy, the woman behind Madly Unique. This started out as a dream in college; to create items that people love. It’s been a long and slow process since 2015 with Madly Unique being a hobby for a long time. 


In mid 2023 I decided to take Madly Unique full time. It’s still going slow, but I know I’ll acheive my goal. 


My products have gone through a lot of changes over the years as well. I started with jewelry and crochet and while I still make those, but due to a hand injury in 2022 I have had to back off on them. Keeping my hand in a fist, which is needed for crochet and jewelry making, isn’t something I can do for a long period of time anymore.  I still plan on crocheting and making jewelry, but not as much as before.


Instead I’m going into stationary. I’ve loved stationary for a long time and am an avid planner user. So it felt logical to do.


It is a bit of a struggle since I’ve never been super confident in my art. I can draw and I’ve taken plenty of classes, but I always compare myself to others and never felt like my art was good enough to sell. Due to my wrist injury, I’ve decided to try. It’s still nerve wracking and there’s days where it’s hard to pick up my pen and even try. But practice makes perfect and I have to try.